Racing History

In 2013 and 2014 I ran Warrior Dash's for fun, and never trained. In 2015 I was introduced to my first Spartan Race, and would go on to collect my first trifecta (Tri-state Sprint, Palmerton Super, and Killington Beast) within a single calendar year. My passion for the sport was realized, and I decided I would race elite for the entire 2016 season.


So I began training, with a purpose, through the offseason. My first race was the Citi Field Stadium Sprint. From there I raced two Spartan Beasts, back to back weekends and took 14th place at both. I earned my Spartan Coin, an invitation to the Spartan Race World Championships in Lake Tahoe, at the Palmerton Sprint. At the end of September I had my top finish of 6th place at the Wintergreen Virginia Sprint. I would go on to race at Tahoe, and the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in Blue Mountain Canada, in October. My first elite season concluded at the New Jersey Super where I took 10th place.


The first ever US Winter Spartan Race at Greek Peak kick started the 2017 season. From there I stepped up my training in order to complete the New Jersey Ultra Beast. I decided to give Savage Race a try, and completed 2 events in the month of June. The Spartan Coin was earned yet again in Palmerton. After dealing with a foot injury, from the PA Savage Race, that lasted for 8 weeks, I was finally cleared to run again. With little to no training time I got right to it and completed the West Virginia Trifecta Weekend (Spartan Beast, Super, and Sprint). My season came to an end at the Spartan Race World Championships, in which my mental training over the last year allowed for much better results coming out of the 40 degree swim.


Spartan Race introduced a new racing category instead of competitive they have an Age Group Division now. So I set my first goal race for 2018 to be winning in my Age Group, qualifying me for the age group world championships, and I did just that. The rest of my season was be devoted to Elite racing, and it got off to a great start with a 1st place Warrior Dash, and 3rd place Terrain Race. I then flew back to the East Coast to run the Savage Race and Savage Blitz. Back in the PNW I took 1st place in my next Terrain Race, and a Rugged Maniac. With 7 weekends of racing behind me I had 2 weeks of rest before the Kimberley, BC (Canada) Spartan Ultra in which I took 5th Place! The Ultra took a tole on my body that left me struggling during races in August and September, but after some much needed recovery I had a solid finish at the Pittsburgh Sprint and Super.


This season was the earliest start I have ever done, with two local races at the beginning of February, and mid March. I took 2nd in both which was a fantastic start. My first goal race of the season was the New Jersey Ultra, to which I unfortunately had to pull out of at mile 14 due to my left knee filling with fluid. This was my first DNF in my ocr career. After a couple weeks of being down and wondering what condition my knee was in, things began to look brighter, and I shifted back into gear. A few months, and a few races more, a couple podiums, but I am still looking for that hard fought win. As my season comes closer to an end, I am proud of what I accomplished, including a 4th place elite finish (the closest I have ever come to that elite podium, missing it by 13 seconds). I know I can do better…