The Captain's Playbook:

More Than A Beast


"I began The Captain's Playbook toward the end of 2015, as a way to log my workouts so I could come back to them at a later time and see my progression. It is hard to form the words to describe how lucky I feel, how fortunate I have been. My first book, released in November, 2016 had more of an impact than I ever hoped it would. A simple journal I began for myself became a tool to help inspire others in their fitness journeys. It was a journal that followed me through my first year of elite obstacle course racing, but it became so much more than that. So when I reached the end of that first year, and the 2016 season, I typed it all up, and published it, so that it could be accessible to anyone. This book is a continuation of that mission. I read books and searched for ways to improve on and off the course. You will see my workouts evolve, and I hope that through reading this, you yourself, evolve!"


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Example Workout:


  • 4 minutes of hard running
  • 2 minutes to complete 30 burpees (remainder of time is your rest).
  • If you can't complete the burpees in the 2 minutes, your run does not count.

After 5 rounds, your score is the total distance you ran.


I completed all 5 rounds successfully, with around 30 seconds of rest each time. My total distance was 3.17 miles.


Can you beat my score?