Jenna Ravenscraft

Mid-life had Jenna wanting more athletically, and she found OCR. Now it’s her passion, purpose, and mission to compete and help grow others through and with the sport!

Top 3 ocr achievements

- 7th place Age Group at 2018 Tahoe Spartan Ultra

- Completed the Spartan Endurance Trifecta in 2017

- Finished 1st over All Age Group Females at 2018 Sacramento Spartan Super

Goal for 2019

- Podium at every competitive race


2019 Race Finishes

  • April 13th - Spartan Race U.S. National Series, Seattle Super (6th Place Age Group)

  • May 4th - Spartan Race, Montana Beast (16th Place Age Group)

  • May 18th - Spartan Race U.S. National Series, Big Bear Beast (4th Place Age Group)

  • June 1st - Spartan Race, Monterey Super (5th Place Age Group)

  • June 2nd - Spartan Race, Monterey Sprint (8th Place Age Group)

  • July 20th - Spartan Race U.S. National Series, Utah Super (13th Place Age Group)

  • September 7th - Spartan Race, Seattle Beast (8th Place Age Group)

2019 Top Accolades

  • March 16th - Terrapin Events, Dirty Leprechaun (1st Place Female)

  • April 14th - Spartan Race, Seattle Sprint (3rd Place Age Group)

  • June 29th - Spartan Race, Boise Sprint (1st Place Age Group)

  • August 10th - Spartan Race, Portland Sprint (1st Place Age Group)

  • September 29th - Spartan Race, World Championship Qualifying Heat (5th Place Age Group)