Fontaine Kaufmann

Fontaine is an advertising photographer specializing in action sports photography in Portland OR. Her OCR career started in 2015, and she enjoys races that are 13 miles or longer. Her favorite way to train is running trails with her husband and Siberian Husky!

Top 3 ocr achievements

- 2nd place Female Elite at 2018 Kimberley Spartan Ultra

- First clean Spartan Race at 2018 Portland Sprint

- Competed in Pro division at 2016 OCR World Championships

Goal for 2019

- Top 5 Elite finish in the Pacific North West


2019 race finishes

  • March 16th - Terrapin Events, Dirty Leprechaun (9th Place Female)

  • April 13th - Spartan Race U.S. National Series, Seattle Super (6th Place Age Group)

  • April 27th - Spartan Race, New Jersey Beast (19th Place Elite)

  • May 18th - Warrior Dash, Portland (9th Place Female)

  • June 29th - Spartan Race, Boise Sprint (17th Place Elite)

  • June 30th - X-dog Events, Mt. Hood Scramble (10th Place Female)

  • July 21st - X-dog Events, Whine on the Vine (19th Place Female)

2019 top accolades

  • February 9th - Terrapin Events, Muddy Valentine (5th Place Female)

  • August 10th - Spartan Race, Portland Sprint (1st Place Age Group)

  • September 7th - Spartan Race, Seattle Beast (3rd Place Age Group)