a year of elite obstacle course racing



"I know firsthand that coming up with workouts week after week can sometimes be difficult, and many people stall out and get bored after doing the same things for too long. With The Captain's Playbook, you now have 52 workout options to choose from. Each entry contains a single workout, possibly a tip on how to perform it, what was going through my head during it, or what was coming in the next weeks that I was working toward. There are also race recaps of my experiences throughout the year, running Spartan and other Obstacle Course Races. The goal I have set is to qualify for the OCR World Championships, an independent championship that athletes from around the world must qualify for, via other obstacle races. I am sharing with you what I believe will get me there, as you work your way through my first year of elite OCR."


Example Workout:

5 rounds with 50 lb sandbag


  • 100m bear crawl (use rope to drag bag)

  • Run to top of hill

  • 10 vertical rows

  • Return to start (grab rope on your way back)

  • 10 squats

  • 50 reverse crunches

Complete a 6th round at max pace


Keep your butt low, knees just above the ground and drive forward. I was probably shaking for a good twenty minutes after this and my shirt was soaked, I was dripping with sweat.


more than a beast



“I began The Captain’s Playbook toward the end of 2015, as a way to log my workouts so I could come back to them at a later time and see my progression. It is hard to form the words to describe how lucky I feel, how fortunate I have been. My first book, released in November, 2016 had more of an impact than I ever hoped it would. A simple journal I began for myself became a tool to help inspire others in their fitness journeys. It was a journal that followed me through my first year of elite obstacle course racing, but it became so much more than that. So when I reached the end of that first year, and the 2016 season, I typed it all up, and published it, so that it could be accessible to anyone. This book is a continuation of that mission. I read books and searched for way to improve on and off the course. You will see my workouts evolve, and I hope that through reading this, you yourself, evolve!”


example workout:

5 rounds - Can you beat my score?

  • 4 minutes of hard running

  • 2 minutes to complete 30 burpees (remainder of time is your rest).

  • If you can’t complete the burpees in the 2 minutes, your run does not count.

After 5 rounds, your score is the total distance you ran (minus rounds that don’t count)


I completed all 5 rounds successfully, with around 30 seconds of rest each time. My total distance was 3.17 miles.

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